Do I have to have a medical exam to get life insurance?

Do I have to have a medical exam to get life insurance?

How about a quote for term life insurance, do i need a medical exam?
Those interested in buying life insurance are concerned about a medical test they don’t have to be worried about an exam to get a quote.
Really there is no medical examination needed to obtain information about their coverage we don require it to get a quote. We are licensed agents. By responding a few questions , we can give you the best rates for life insurance companies highly rated SelectQuote represents . You can also find free information about Life Insurance , including responses the the most asked questions such as:

• How much life insurance do I need ?
• For what period of time will i need it?
• What is the difference types of Life Insurance policies?

REIO Insurance also provides the following resources:

• A series of short videos, where insurance agents REIO shed light on the actual process of buying life insurance.
• Some tools designed to help you get an idea of how much life insurance you need to make sure your family is protected – and for how long.

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